The Benefits of Dermatologist-Tested Skincare Products


With so many skincare products available, you need to know that you can trust the ingredients you’re putting on your face. At Regen4D®, we want our customers to always know they can rely on us to deliver the most clinically effective products.

We conducted a 30-day study involving 33 healthy participants to assess the quality of our products. The results show what we already knew: with dermatologist-tested products, you can ensure you’re getting the absolute best for your skin.

Deep Hydrating Cream to Restore Your Skin

Regen4D’s Deep Hydrating Face Cream stood out in the study, with 100% of participants reporting intensely moisturized and nourished skin.

Among the test group, 94% felt their skin was firmer and regenerated, while 91% observed noticeable plumpness and a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. When asked if they would buy the product or like to continue using it, 91% responded yes to both questions.

The Difference It Makes:

  • 21.06% increased hydration level
  • 17.34% improved skin texture (less roughness)
  • 7.55% increased brightness and luminosity

Deep Hydrating Lotion: Unparalleled Effectiveness

Our Deep Hydrating Lotion scored a perfect 100% across all feedback categories. Every participant said their skin felt nourished and moisturized, reported increased firmness and skin elasticity, and said the lotion was quickly absorbed and had a light, non-greasy feel.

Moreover, 100% also said they would buy the product and like to continue using it.

The Difference It Makes: 

  • 18.39% increase in hydration
  • 11.86% increase in firmness
  • 10.87% increase in elasticity

Deep Hydrating Eye Cream: Powerful Anti-Aging Effects

Our Deep Hydrating Eye Cream targets the signs of aging by infusing the skin with collagen-stimulating ingredients. Namely, hyaluronic acid can indirectly aid cellular turnover and tissue regeneration by enhancing skin hydration.

Dermatologists and ophthalmologists tested our eye cream to ensure its efficacy and quality.

All participants reported softer, firmer skin around their eyes, while 88% said their skin was intensely moisturized and felt rejuvenated; 82% reported that the cream helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and 88% would buy the product and like to continue using it.

The Difference It Makes: 

  • 19.4% increased hydration level
  • 14.51% increased skin firmness
  • 12.1% increase elasticity

Deep Hydrating Lifting Serum

Leveraging the power of 4D hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, glycerin, and GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), our hydrating serum is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment.

In our study, 100% of participants felt that the serum intensely moisturized and hydrated their skin and improved its texture and tone. Most participants (97%) reported noticeable improvement of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, with the skin appearing firmer and plumper.

Impressively, 94% of participants reported their skin looked more youthful, while 88% noted a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines. Overall, 94% of participants said they would like to continue using the product and would buy it and recommend it to a friend.

The Difference It Makes: 

  • 22.95% increased hydration level
  • 16.14% increased skin firmness
  • 14.07% increased elasticity


Our biodegradable Deep Hydrating Sheet Mask promotes both facial and neck rejuvenation through the use of 4D hyaluronic acid, glycerin, creatine, GABA, Pro-Vitamin B, and other nourishing ingredients. Boosting cellular turnover leaves the skin with a naturally youthful, radiant glow, noted by 97% of our study’s participants.

All participants felt the CellularMask intensely hydrated their skin and left it feeling softer, smoother, and more nourished. Meanwhile, 81% showed visible results after one session, while 94% would buy the product, recommend it to a friend, and like to continue using it.

The Difference It Makes:

  • 12.84% increased hydration level
  • 8.48% improved skin texture (less roughness)
  • 5.32% improved brightness and luminosity

Skin Rejuvenation As You’ve Never Felt It Before

Regen4D harnesses the power of 4D hyaluronic acid, using four distinct molecule sizes to address concerns ranging from fine lines to poor skin texture. Along with carefully selected ingredients known for their clinical efficacy, we create skincare products that go beyond the skin to nourish your cells and promote a healthier, refreshed complexion.

Shop our skincare line today and find your perfect match.

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