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Your skin is the largest organ your body has, and as such, it should be one of those that you take care of the most. Not only does healthy, thriving skin help your body on a physical level—from preventing dehydration, aiding in detoxification, and protecting you from harmful microbes—but it also ensures that your skin is smooth and youthful. And as you’re undoubtedly well aware, there are countless modes of skincare that people try and find that work for them. One of the most popular of them is face masks, like the Regen4D HA Deep Hydrating CellularMask.

But why choose the CellularMask over the other face masks you may find at your local stores and supermarkets? Well, here are three unbeatable reasons:

It Is Deeply Hydrating

Hydration is a fundamental part of healthy skin. Your body naturally produces Hyaluronic Acid and as you age, it doesn’t produce as much. That means that your skincare needs to do more than lightly moisturize—it needs to provide deep hydration to your skin as the CellularMask does. A combination of deeply hydrating ingredients like 4D Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin penetrate deep below the layers of your skin, into the epidermis and dermis, truly hydrating your skin form the inside out. Well-hydrated skin does wonders for you, such as improving your skin elasticity and reducing visible fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, deeply hydrated skin can protect you from sunburn and UV damage, as dehydrated skin is far more susceptible to it.

It Protects Your Skin From Stressors

You don’t realize all of the things around that damage your skin and your microbiome on a daily basis. The weather, air pollution, sunlight, blue light from technology- the list is endless! So, you need to care for your skin in order to protect it from these stressors. The unique combination of 4D HA, Glycerin, and Vitamin B used for the CellularMask can help strengthen your skin barrier and in turn protect it from a variety of environmental stressors.

It’s Dermatologist Tested and Skin Safe

Lastly, CellularMask is proven to be skin-safe and was able to pass rigorous dermatological testing. This mask was specifically designed for post treatments, such as laser facials and microneedling that can cause dehydrated, red, and irritated skin, so we needed to ensure that it was 100% safe and non-irritating. In addition, they are biodegradable, gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free, vegan friendly and tested on willing participants so that we know they are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin.

These are real patients before and after photos! Before photo is after microneedling treatment with PRP and after is 15 minutes wearing the CellularMask post treatment.

These are real patients before and after photos! Before photo is after microneedling treatment with PRP and after is 15 minutes wearing the CellularMask post treatment.

Take Care of Your Skin—Shop Regen4D

If you’re looking to rehydrate, repair and protect your skin- whether post microneedling treatment or not!- then Regen4D CellularMask could be precisely what you need. Created by RegenLab, a pharmaceutical company with decades of experience in Regenerative Medicine, Regen4D offers top-of-the-line skincare products for pre- and post- treatment, as well as your everyday routine! Order yours today at

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